Archipelago is an integrated architecture, landscape architecture and urban design practice based in Brisbane, Australia.

Our commitment to design excellence manifests in tailored, site-specific solutions that bind the programmatic requirements of the brief to the cultural and environmental context of the site. We believe in a collaborative and participatory design process which eschews rhetoric and abstract theory in favour of a craft based methodology. Our interest rests fundamentally with the act and craft of making.

We are committed to delivering solutions which are both commercially and environmentally sustainable while never losing sight of the ultimate goal – to provide inspiring, enduring design solutions that bring delight and richness to the public and private domain.


We partner with our clients and stakeholders to understand, explore and realise the full potential of our projects though an inclusive and collaborative process that aims to build advocacy and trust. We believe that all projects have the potential for excellence, regardless of scale, scope or budget, and that a thoughtful and considered design process is the key to unlocking this latent value.

Fundamentally and at every step of the design process we ask ourselves “can this be better?”


Peter Edwards and Brendan Pointon are the founders of Archipelago.

Drawing upon the director’s collective experience, Archipelago can offer the intelligence and breadth of multi-disciplinary corporate practices with the immediacy and flexibility of an intimate design studio. This affords us significant depth in the size and scope of projects that we can undertake, but also gives our clients comfort that the directors are personally involved and committed to their project for the duration, with a full understanding of both the broader objectives and the detail of the day to day.


As design leaders on large and complex projects, we advocate enquiry by design through the workshop model as an effective medium for rapid engagement and results driven outcomes.

Design workshops allow us to engage with diverse stakeholders to better measure the latent potential of significant projects and to investigate creative, lateral solutions to complex problems. Advocacy from the participants is implicit in the collaborative methodology.

Importantly for public projects, we believe that workshops foster a civic sensibility through a demonstrated commitment to the best total outcome.

To find out more about how we work please contact us.


We aim to sustain and grow our business through successful partnerships with our clients and collaborators built on mutual understanding, respect and trust. Our fundamental endeavour is the achievement of professional excellence in the design and execution or our projects, to deliver project outcomes for our clients that exceed the possibilities imagined at the outset.

To this end we encourage a practice wide culture of questioning, assessment and improvement in everything we do. Practice director Mark Haysom manages our third party accredited AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015 compliant Quality Management System (QMS) to ensure our project quality objectives are satisfied and that our processes are continuously improving.


Our growing studio of talented professionals has a demonstrated capability in the design and delivery of complex urban masterplanning, architecture and city-making urban design projects.

If you are an experienced architect or urban designer and you have a passion for design, please contact us about current career and project based opportunities.