EnviroDevelopment Certification achieved for Asher House and Mantle Apartments

Asher House and Mantle Apartments are community residential projects designed for individuals in the community who require specialised care or a managed wellness environment.

Archipelago worked closely with Wesley Mission Queensland and the future residents to create a design that would first and foremost meet individual needs and ultimately provide a safe and secure environment that could become a home for life. Mantle Apartments (certified as Clear Breeze Apartments) received a five-leaf certification for five of the six elements: ecosystems, energy, materials, water and community and Asher House received the six-leaf certification encompassing all elements. This certification further highlights Archipelago’s growing capability in this area following the recent Parklands project on the Gold Coast receiving the six-leaf certification—the highest possible rating for an EnviroDevelopment Certification. The EnviroDevelopment Certification is awarded to those developments that demonstrate an outstanding performance across four or more of the elements: ecosystems, waste, water, energy, materials and community (recognised individually as leaf elements). The certification is designed to assist buyers with concern for environmental sustainability to make informed decisions.