Spectacular artwork celebrates the landscape and heritage of the Gold Coast

Grocon has commissioned and installed a lively, large format artwork across the foyers of the 18 residential buildings on the Gold Coast Parklands project site.

The artwork, titled ‘Continuum’, comprises 72 individual panels hand painted in water-based enamel – measuring 65 metres long as a whole – that collectively communicate a slow transition through themes of time, colour, and place; and through a circle of geographical and natural landscapes that comprise the region surrounding the Parklands Project site in Southport.

The contemporary architectural artworks proudly display all the colours of the spectrum (with tints, shades, blacks and whites), as a celebration of the vibrant colour, identity, and heritage of the Gold Coast. Specifically, the artworks extend the conceptual themes underpinning the overall Parklands Project aesthetics, that:

– add to the colour and festivity of the Commonwealth games in 2018;

– pay homage to the courageous use of colour on the Gold Coast in the 1960s and 1970s;

– reflect the vibrant colour in the regional landscape, including its floral and fauna; and

– recognise recent architectural movements, both globally and locally, to use colour boldly.

The abstract shapes and forms found in the paintings acknowledge local and regional landscape themes, including recognition of the mountain to coast transect and the geologically creative impact of the Tweed Volcano, its eruption 23 million years ago, and its subsequent erosion. Over millions of years, this process shaped the mountains, hills, rivers, headlands and gorges of the greater regional context. While hints or feelings of local native flora and fauna animate the artwork, obvious representation of human intervention in the landscape has intentionally been avoided. Instead, the human element comes from the hand-painted aesthetic and the psychology of colour, time, and place as perceived by the viewer.

‘Continuum’ was conceived and painted by Archipelago architect Mark Haysom, a team leader on the AAA Joint Venture (Archipelago + Arkhefield + ARM Architecture), who have been working on the Parklands Project and the Commonwealth Games Village since 2013. ‘Continuum’ was completed and framed in August 2017, and installed across the foyers of the residential buildings at Parklands soon after.