11 Houses

Residential & Community

We looked at LMR development in suburban Brisbane and thought – surely this can be better?


The resultant scheme comprises 11 semi-detached 2 and 3 bedroom townhouses as an alternative to the typical LMR walk up unit block. The design goals achieved included:
– A house in a street, not a unit in a block;
– Every house touches the ground and the sky
– A front door with direct address to a street or laneway;
– Private open space at ground level for a garden or a pool;
– Parking directly below without letting the cars visually dominate;
– Adaptable to remain a home for life;
– Flexible to generate income from lodgers or home offices / studios;
– Acoustic and visual privacy;
– Cross ventilation;
– North facing roof area for solar access; Simple construction techniques;
– NIMBY friendly model of medium density infill;
– Articulated scale and form.

We took the business as usual approach to low density infill unit development and turned it on its head to provide not stacked units, but conjoined houses where everyone has their own private access to the ground and the sky.