Alyangula FIFO Village

Residential & Community
BHP Gemco

The FIFO (fly-in-fly-out) life puts enormous pressure on remote mine workers and their families. In response the Alyangula FIFO village was conceived as a sanctuary with a focus on rest and rejuvenation and an emphasis on private access to the high quality natural setting of Groote Eylandt.


The project involved the design, documentation and market sounding study for a variety of prefabricated accommodation modules for installation on Groote Eylandt, NT – a very remote mining town with limited construction access (barge only).

A number of accommodation types are proposed, including a single person container based unit designed to respond specifically to the predominant ‘7-7’ roster as well as a fully prefabricated ‘bush’ cabin cluster typology. The project included the design of recreational facilities, a central kitchen and dining facilities.

Providing the residents with the opportunity to decide to engage or not engage was the key… with each other, with the broader township and with the unique natural environment.