Athletes Village Masterplan

Urban Design & Masterplanning
Gold Coast Commonwealth Games Bid Ltd

Archipelago authored the masterplan for the Athletes Village as part of the Gold Coast’s successful bid for the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Key to this process was the re-proposing of the masterplan for the Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precinct – arguably Australia’s most significant transit orientated development (TOD) development.


Archipelago was approached late in the games bid design phase and produced within a short time frame, a new masterplan for the athletes village. The re-proposed masterplan satisfied the complex requirements of the bid company and the Games governing body whilst establishing a platform of strong advocacy from the major stakeholders.

Critical for the village masterplan was the development of a whole of precinct strategic approach that embraced the neighbouring Hospital and University and delivered upon the broader aspiration of a sustainable, transit orientated, vibrant urban centre forming the nucleus of an integrated health and knowledge focused precinct.

The Masterplan organises itself around a strong axial ‘Main Street’ that extends the adjoining University’s Engineering Drive across the site connecting Parklands Drive and Hospital Boulevard and creating the important ‘Triumphant Axis’ for the Games Village. For the Games this will be the significant street, the ceremonial, formal core to Village life, the heart of density and activity for all the primary functions of the Commonwealth Games.

The proposed athletes’ housing was required to be flexible and adaptable to meet the needs of the Games Village whilst being market ready for procurement over the coming years. The housing was designed to operate in “games” mode, meeting the demands of the games village brief, but easily revert to “legacy” mode meeting the market driven demands of the private apartment sector.

The Archipelago village masterplan become the endorsed masterplan for the precinct which was included in the official presentation to the Commonwealth Games Association in May 2011.

The masterplan makes strong overtures to the legacy to be left by the Games Village and sets up the subsequent structuring of the Health and Knowledge Precinct, envisaged as a lifestyle focused, transit facilitated place for living, working and learning.