City Reach

Urban Design & Masterplanning
Brisbane City Council

Brisbane City Council asked Archipelago to develop a concept to remake the “town reach” of the Brisbane River. We thought Brisbane needed a Circular Quay so we developed a bigger idea and it became City Reach.

City Centre Master Plan transformative areas – City Reach. Completed 2013

City Reach is an opportunity to create a unified, significant occupation of the river edge for the Brisbane CBD. It is a move from a defensive occupation to a contemporary, optimistic, celebratory urban place, which would be emblematic of Brisbane’s confident offer to the world – Brisbane’s “Circular Quay”.

City Reach is a 20m wide x 700m long urbane river edge – with shops, restaurants, public bars – an accessible, flood enabled, big city space. It is proposed as a win/win for the city and the adjoining landholders with the new river promenade delivered in exchange for increasing the commerciality of the adjoining sites though manipulation of the existing wet and dry leases.

City Reach was designed as a concept for Brisbane City Council as part of the City Centre Master Plan Transformative Areas project. The completed work was placed on public display as part of the Ideas Fiesta with the aim to generate new ideas, design concepts and stimulate discussion and interest for imagining the future of Brisbane’s city centre.

Let the City embrace the river with a generous, people oriented, city scaled, urban river edge – A New City Reach for Brisbane….a true river city!