Port of Brisbane Entry Precinct

Urban Design & Masterplanning
Port of Brisbane

Archipelago was engaged by the Port of Brisbane to establish a bold new arrival experience to one of the world’s fastest growing port facilities.


Key ambitions of the scheme included repositioning the Port arrival, establishing a strong and unifying public realm language, lifting the quality of the approach experience and unifying land holdings in the area with a common address.

An Urban Framework was developed framing a sequence of precincts along the entry route. Each precinct provides a series of urban elements that proudly embody the historical and contemporary contribution of the Port to the city it services.

A strategic staging plan has been developed as a framework to deliver the vision over a number of years.

The language of the proposed urban elements replays the super scaled artifacts and equipment of the port, celebrating the site as a contemporary and significant piece of national infrastructure and a dramatic landscape of colour, form, and energy.